About Us

Out nation is at cross roads, we need to decide whether we are continuously going to loose our traditional values, practices, entrepreneurs , farmers and products or are we going to protect those by supporting our local cattle rearers, farmers ,manufacturers entrepreneurs and innovators. There is a lot of manufactured products, organic goods of superior quality available in the local market. But the producers are struggling to reach the market with the best price. They are also struggling to compete with giants due to lack of ability to promote their products with advertisements or brand ambassadors. Our "TamilBrands" web platform aims to resolve the problem with below mission and vision.

Our Mission

Our "TamilBrands" web platform aims to support Tamil Nadu farmers, cattle rearers and small scale manufacturers by bringing them to the visibility of people around the globe and to promote their products through digital marketing and other promotion strategies, to reach the market by the best supply chain strategies for the maximum profitability for producers as well as consumers.

Our Vision

To empower Tamil nadu made small scale manufactured products,cultural and traditional goods, cattle produce, farm produce, agricultural products, organic products and to make meaningful difference in the market with their own brand identity.