Become Individual Contributor

Contributor, in just a sentence, is the one, who supports Tamil Nadu Farmers and Tamil Nadu products

Contributors, may help our effort to let us know about new small scale businesses which we don't have in the website database

These contributors get rewarded with points.

The contributors will be grouped into levels according to the points they earn. This is being used to discount the price of the products which they buy from suppliers in our web platform

Key contributor, may have chances to become our Premium Retailer or our Partner. So, simply you just save money, and have opportunity to become our partner and also contribute to the our economy

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Become Distributor for Tamil Nadu made products

If you are a distributor, or talented to take up distribution as your new profile, then this will surely be a right choice for you.

This mainly deals with developing small scale businesses in Tamil Nadu.

The company owners/producers as well as our website itself, would be pleased to take up your nominal and economical offer.

Your help is much needed for small talented companies.

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Become our Premium Retailer

Welcome to become our partner in contributing to the society.

Do you wish to sell the products listed in our website?

Just join us and start selling products in your retail outlets. You also do a great job by supporting local producers in Tamil Nadu by selling their products in your retail mart.

Our Premium Retailer enjoys the benefits' of free marketing and promotion through our campaign and advertisements.

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Register your company/Product/Service /Farm Produce/Cattle Produce/Agricutural Products

Are you an owner of a small scale business in Tamil Nadu? Or are you doing agriculture?

Please do register in our website platform and find an easier way to sell your products and increase the demand for your products.

This website serves as a bridge which connects the producers and consumers directly with best supply chain methods and strategies.

In the case of you owners, who are in need of distributors, this website also connects you with distributors easily. You are just a few clicks away.

This would definitely be just the first step in your journey of reaching greater heights.

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Become our Member

Do you wish to buy a product from the producers listed in "TamilBrands" website platform?

Do you wish to sell the products listed in our website?

Just key in your details and become a member and enjoy the membership benefits of buying products in which you are interested.

Be our Member and Support Tamil Nadu Made products and farmers.

Membership also help you to promote yourself into individual contribution at some point of time and it will help you become our partner

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