Protect Tamil Nadu Culture and Traditions

Various Indian/Tamilian traditional products such as neem, turmeric, cow milk colostrums etc., have been patented by International companies and corporates and are being sold to us in the form of their products and brands.

Our country along with our common people are falling prey to these corporates without adequate awareness. Unless we start supporting our country's own products, our health and wealth will not increase. In this way, we help to protect not only our culture or tradition, but also the well-being of our future generations. To enhance our culture and tradition

Support Tamil Nadu Made Products!!!

Save Tamil Nadu Farmers

Everyone of us have a common thought that our farmers suffer only because of water shortage and loans. But, it is we, who help kill our farmers without our knowledge. It is because of 'our' changing preference towards foreign food products.

In addition to that, there are a lot of commissioning agents in between the farmers and the consumers. Our strategy is to reduce the number of commissioning agents to a great extent, in order to enhance the profitability of farmers and to reduce the product pricing

To save our Farmers, Support Tamil Nadu Made Products!!!

Support Tamil Nadu small scale Producers

Thousands of products are being imported into India. This in turn, has made India a very huge market for other countries. But India is truly capable to manufacture its own goods and hence we do not need to rely on foreign goods always.

When 'we' create the demand for Indian made products, the supply will also undoubtedly increase. Also, by supporting small scale producers, we help boost an independent economy, which benefits in many ways

Respect Tamil Nadu Producers!!! Support Tamil Nadu Products!!!

Support Young Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

Do you think our education system is the major factor which diminishes innovators and entrepreneurs? No... It is the Market demand which drives innovators and entrepreneurs.

Only if we people support small scale producers in Tamilnadu, the demand will be created. But now, everyone is falling prey to all sorts of things right from food to cosmetics to electronics.

Though we are falling prey on one side, on the other side, a small awareness that everyone should buy our own products, has arouse in the minds of people. This thought should not decrease, but instead, should increase the demand and hence contribute to the growth of Innovators and entrepreneurs.

In order to pave way fo this, support Indian Made Products!!!